Bath & Brush

Is your dog a double coated breed? If so a wash and brush out could provide more comfort to your pet. Here the dead hair and undercoat are removed which also reduces moulting. Short haired dogs can also benefit from a similar treatment using a bath and fumigator to remove excess hair. As well as getting the dog’s coat in great condition, this treatment provides a range of additional benefits including facial scrubbing and nail trimming.

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Bath & brush Portsmouth

Full Grooms

If you want your dog to look the best, then you need the best grooming service and that’s exactly what we provide. With a range of choices including natural shampoo, we’ll make sure that your dog looks absolutely fantastic. We’ll blow dry their fur, trim their hair to meet your needs and ensure they look adorable. Our service is fully inclusive and delivers everything you need to ensure that your dog looks, smells and feels fantastic.

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Dog grooming Portsmouth

Nail Trimming

As part of your dog’s pampering, our expert dog groomers can also offer to trim their nails. Dog nails need to be regularly trimmed to avoid problems but doing so without the proper training and experience can be a daunting and potentially dangerous task.

Grumble Groomers are fully trained and highly experienced in dog nail trimming, knowing the safest and most comfortable way for your dog to have his nails clipped.

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Dog nail trimming Portsmouth

Hand Stripping

Some dogs are suitable for hand-stripping. We’ll help you determine whether this is the right option for your pet and can provide this service on a regular schedule. Stripping can occur every four to twelve weeks but this will depend on the breed or your pet. We are fully qualified and trained to provide this service to match the highest standards which is ideal for dog shows.

If you’re on a tighter budget we can also offer a simulated hand-strip. Only experts will be able to tell the difference and this treatment does provide similar benefits.

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Hand stripping Portsmouth

Teeth Cleaning

Have you noticed a buildup of plaque or an issue with your pup’s breath? Our teeth cleaning service could be the answer. This can be added to a grooming package or booked separately depending on your individual needs. We’ll have your dog looking fabulous in no time.

Are you ready to learn more about our dog grooming Portsmouth service? Contact us now and we’ll be happy to provide more information or get your furry friend signed up for the ultimate spa treatment.

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